Start Ups

Managed Change Creates Mega Profits. We’ll Show You How.


The key word when you started your company was Creation. You had to create everything: all of your first customers, your first product line, your first management team, your first facility. But now you’ve broken through, gotten outside funding, and your startup has become a well-funded venture with high expectations for growth.

Today you have a new key word: Change. Startups in the high-growth phase encounter change in every dimension as they chase the expectations that their success has created. Change in leadership, change in sales performance, and change in managing a growing employee infrastructure. Leaders of high growth startups can become overwhelmed and distracted by these change factors. They need great coaching to lead them through the next phase of their business.

Intellimodus works with startups in the following dimensions:

  • Growth Planning And Projection
  • Talent Recruitment (CEO Recruiting, Senior Leadership Searches)
  • Team Development, Assessment and Training
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Sales Growth Strategies
  • Rapid Implementation Strategies


Our  Purpose

Strategy Launchpad exists to assist executives and business owners in solving problems, clarifying solutions, taking advantage of opportunities, growing their knowledge base, and implementing action in the areas of human capital, strategic alignment and breakthrough performance.

We deliver uncommon knowledge and generate uncommon results for our clients.