Leaders In Transition

You’ve Built It Well. Now, Can You Leave It Wisely?


You’ve done it: taken your idea into the market, built a world-class team, created record-breaking profits for your investors, and made a lasting contribution to your customers and your industry.

As a senior leader, it’s time for you to move into another stage of life, one in which you enjoy the financial reward of your labor. But there is a final set of decisions that need to be made, and they’re unlike any you have encountered in your leadership life. Who is going to step into your place of leadership? What capabilities does your next- generation successor need? Where is that person in the hierarchy of your company today? What kind of role do you want to negotiate for yourself in the future – do you want to stay involved in the company or walk away completely?

Intellimodus works with senior leaders in the domains of ownership changes, business succession planning for privately held companies, merger proposals and other transition questions.

In addition, we work with mid-level leaders when their company desires a plan to help them progress to top management. We also offer counsel and programs to develop “emerging leaders” for next-generation assignments.

Clients desiring our work in leadership transition can expect us to be engaged in the following:

  • Succession Planning
  • Senior Leadership Team Development
  • Compensation Decisions
  • Executive Talent Assessments

Our  Purpose

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