Our Roles

Partners, Coaches, Innovators, Visionaries

We work as partners, coaches, innovators, visionaries, and facilitators for our client companies. Our constant commitment is to deliver uncommon knowledge to the critical breakdowns in business. Strategy Launchpad advisors focus on implementation, which we define as the intentional application of knowledge and action to produce immediate results … results which produce remarkable financial gains for our clients.

To achieve these results, our team members often work in multiple roles. We are:

  • Knowledge Providers – we are a network of professionals, and through our shared knowledge base, we bring a wide variety of resources to bear on our clients’ toughest problems.
  • Executive Coaches – we are high-performance coaches in the domains of leadership, innovation and people management. We often find ourselves in individual coaching relationships with top leaders helping them break through to higher levels of personal achievement and team leadership.
  • Vision Facilitators – as outside voices, our advisors often bring an objective and experienced neutral party approach into business challenges. This results in re-approaching classic business problems and then experiencing uncommon results.
  • Performance Catalysts – founded by a duo of proven performers in business building and corporate sales, our company’s corporate culture is steeped in the ethic of unleashing high performance, approaching previously unthought-of goals, and driving impressive revenue development.


Our  Purpose

strategy Launchpad  exists to assist executives and business owners in solving problems, clarifying solutions, taking advantage of opportunities, growing their knowledge base, and implementing action in the areas of human capital, strategic alignment and breakthrough performance.

We deliver uncommon knowledge and generate uncommon results for our clients.