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Doru Ghedeon Bere – Brand Consultant

Doru Ghedeon BereDoru Ghedeon Bere was born in Communist Romania, where he underwent a broad education in music and the arts. At the age of 22 he acted on his life-long dream of taking his family to freedom. Risking his personal safety and sacrificing every resource he had, Doru left Romania, sought political asylum in Austria and two years later immigrated to the United States.

For the last 23 years he has lived in the Sacramento area, where he helps entrepreneurs, businesses and various organizations craft powerful brands in the marketplace by combining the strength of objective business thinking, the psychology of branding, with the discipline of creativity and design. He lectures at various universities and vocational institutions in California and serves as a brand consultant to various business groups throughout the country. Doru has helped publish a dozen books and has co-authored the “Unleash The Vision Within You”.

As Creative Director at Dreambox Creative, Doru has led his design team in assisting a host of companies and small businesses to develop naming, tag lines, brand strategies and design collateral (logos, identity systems, brochures, permission marketing systems, packaging, websites).

The work of Dreambox Creative has won multiple marketing, public relations and design awards in local, national and international competitions, and has been featured nationally in multiple annual design publications. For more information on how you can exponentially increase the value of your services or products email mickey@strategylaunchpad.com

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