Selection & Retention

The Brightest People in the Right Jobs Doing the Best Work!

At Strategy Launchpad, we believe this sentence best describes the company that is truly leveraging human capital in the most profitable way. We advise our clients in these key aspects of selecting and retaining great talent:

  • Job Benchmarking– creating capability descriptions that clearly define the type of individual who can attain superior performance in a specific job.
  • Candidate Screening– our IntelliScreening™ process hand-delivers the cream of the crop to your door – great candidates uniquely screened not only for hard skills but for natural behaviors, internal motivators, and personal skills.
  • Talent Analyses – we work with your top leadership to discover and unleash the great talent that already exists in your people. We do this through a powerful set of Assessment Tools that are unique in the industry.
  • Training and Teambuilding – we work with our clients to develop highly effective training experiences for both individuals and teams.
  • Sales training – with our deep-level background in driving dramatic sales numbers and developing great performers, we partner with our clients to create sales cultures that consistently increase revenue while retaining top-producers for the long-term.

Our  Purpose

Strategy Launchpad exists to assist executives and business owners in solving problems, clarifying solutions, taking advantage of opportunities, growing their knowledge base, and implementing action in the areas of human capital, strategic alignment and breakthrough performance.

We deliver uncommon knowledge and generate uncommon results for our clients.

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