Culture Change

Cultural Capital: The Key Asset of New Frontier Businesses

Strategy Launchpad advisors clearly understand that the greatest driver of competitive advantage today is Cultural Capital. We define this as highly engaged employees aligned with an organizational mission that represents high value to the market.

We engage our clients to pursue answers to these key Cultural Capital questions:

  • Do you really know the culture of your organization?
  • What are it’s subcultures?
  • How is your culture impacting financial performance and customer satisfaction?
  • What are the hidden negatives, the energy draining processes and behaviors in your company that are silently drawing down the balance in your Cultural Capital account?
  • What culture transforming actions really make sense for your company?
  • What culture transforming actions could be immediately implemented to bring dramatic change to your environment and your revenues?


Our  Purpose

Strategy Launchpad exists to assist executives and business owners in solving problems, clarifying solutions, taking advantage of opportunities, growing their knowledge base, and implementing action in the areas of human capital, strategic alignment and breakthrough performance.

We deliver uncommon knowledge and generate uncommon results for our clients.

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