How do you go beyond on-paper qualifications and make the correct call on the intangible factors that make great hires? That is where the Uncommon Knowledge of the  Strategy Launchpad team comes in.

Bill Clark

Mickey – Thank you so much for taking the time to coach me. You are fantastic! You have shown me a way to accomplish my goals without fear….Your approach was strategic and I could clearly see how and when my goals will be accomplished.

Denise R. McCoy

Mickey O’Brien got crystal clear on goal implementing process.

Eiji Morishita – Founder, Genius Squared Trainings

Since starting coaching with Mickey on September 8th, I have contacted 30 Real Estate Agents in our area. I have also agreed to and found a processing center to send my files to, which frees up my time to sell. I have been actively listening to what others are saying and asking a lot of questions to keep them talking and have learned quite a bit about their thought processes and challenges. After having lunch with an agent on Monday I walked away with a purchase transaction. The first Agent referral that I can remember during these past several years. Thank you Mickey for clarifying my thought processes and helping me to focus on actions that actually produced a loan. I look forward to more successes.

Janice Brown – Branch Manager, American Pacific Mortgage

Coach Mickey has helped me in: Reconnecting my vision with my goals, I still have a vision but I realized today I let my goals slip away to obtain my vision. My vision has a great meaning and my goals need to support it, the vision is important and a great need in the world, I dropped off where I should be with my goals. These sessions are reviving the passion to fulfill the goals to obtain the vision.

Penny Belknap – Sr. Loan Officer, Woodland Home Lending, NetMoreAmerica, Inc