Bring the Strategy Launchpad Team to Your Venue

Both Mickey O’Brien and Joe Pursch, the Managing Partners of Strategy Launchpad, are available to speak to select audiences of business leaders. As experienced platform presenters their presentations are dynamic, always interactive, and designed to deliver extreme take-away value for leaders.

Currently, both Mickey and Joe are speaking to audiences on the subjects and work areas that comprise their ongoing conversations with clients and their teams. Here is a partial list of the topics that are currently capturing their interest: strategy Launchpaddus

Financial Intelligence: the CEO’s Most Critical Conversation
Showing you how to carry out simple but revealing financial assessments of your business and where to make changes to generate greater profitability

“Stand Out or Stand Down”: Personal and Professional Branding
How to better position “Who You Are ” And “What You Do ” to your ideal clients to create a chock – full “pipeline” of new clients and new business. We invite Doru Ghedeon Bere, Branding Master and strategy Launchpad Strategic Partner, to co-present with us in this program.

“You Inc.”: How Professional Practice Owners Can Differentiate Their Value
Will help you demonstrate your unique professional strengths and how this creates a lasting impression with the client of your choice. Learn to become the “obvious expert” to handle their problems.

“Tribe Talk”: Understanding How Social Intelligence Can Factor into Communication and Effectiveness
Optimize your interpersonal communication and personal productivity by understanding the newest discoveries in Social Intelligence.

Our  Purpose

Strategy Launchpad exists to assist executives and business owners in solving problems, clarifying solutions, taking advantage of opportunities, growing their knowledge base, and implementing action in the areas of human capital, strategic alignment and breakthrough performance.

We deliver uncommon knowledge and generate uncommon results for our clients.